Andrea Wells
Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications

February 8, 2018


(ALEXANDRIA, VA) - The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals and several of its manufacturer members, through a negotiated rulemaking process with the US Department of Energy (DOE), helped develop the recent Department final rules with regard to the testing performance and labeling of dedicated purpose pool pumps.  The August 7, 2017 rule includes new test methods and a new performance metric which must be reported, entitled Weighted Energy Factor (WEF).

This August test procedure rule followed the direct final rule that went into effect on May 18, 2017, adopting new energy efficiency standards for dedicated purpose pool pumps.  Manufacturers are not required to implement the new testing and performance criteria until July 19, 2021. However, under Federal Law, effective February 5, 2018, any representations made with regard to energy usage or efficiency must be based on the new test procedure, and must include WEF. The same law allowed individual manufacturers to request a 180-day extension of this February deadline. In December, APSP provided a template for manufactures to use if they wanted to seek this extension.

As a result of the Final Rule, the APSP has made the necessary revisions to its Pool Pump Database. For existing listings on the database, APSP has redacted the information in the applicable columns/fields unless or until the manufacturer has submitted new data obtained in accordance with the test methods specified in the Final Rule. Similarly, all new entries into the APSP Pool Pump Database must be in compliance with the above DOE Final Rule. A submission form for post February 5, 2018 entries can be found here.

“APSP and the industry have been at the forefront of efficiency efforts since day 1,” said APSP’s Vice President of Technical and Standards, Carvin DiGiovanni. “First, we worked with the California Energy Commission to ensure achievable parameters for pumps as well as hot tubs, both of which are reflected in our ANSI-14 and ANSI-15 Standards, as well as in the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code.” Mr. DiGiovanni and APSP Director of Government Relations, Jennifer Hatfield were critical in putting together the appropriate coalition of member companies to work with the Department.

“One of the key benefits of this new federal rule is that it preempts any state laws or regulations, ensuring a single set of requirements throughout the country,” said Jennifer Hatfield. APSP counsel Steven Getzoff explains “Once the various provisions go into effect, they supercede all state laws and regulations with regard to pool pumps. States may continue enforce existing rules prior to the respective effective dates but cannot adopt new rules.”  

Ms. Hatfield further explains that the work that resulted in the DPPP rules is now occurring on the pump motor side. “Member companies are currently working on a proposed rule that they will vet with energy efficiency advocates and ultimately petition the Department to adopt a rule that will cover the pump motor.” APSP also continues to work with the CEC on rule updates. Recently, the CEC published a proposal that would require compliance with the APSP-14 standard and address inflatable spas.

In addition to rulemaking occurring at the federal and state level, the APSP Energy Coalition continues working with members of Congress as well as the EPA to preserve the Energy Star program and to seek other consumer incentives for energy efficient pool pumps.  “Simply put,” says Hatfield, “the APSP continues to take a leadership role when it comes to energy efficiency work being done at the state, federal and even international level. The next step will be working on developing education and outreach to our member companies to prepare for the changes that will occur in 2021.”

For more information, email APSP Director of Government Relations Jennifer Hatfield.


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