Manufacturers Council 

The APSP Manufacturers Council represent manufacturer’s interest to APSP as follows:

  • Implement and perpetuate a process to surface the key issues, concerns and opportunities from APSP member manufacturers.

  • Discuss, prioritize and develop consensus around key issues, risks and opportunities that need APSP action or consideration.

  • Communicate issues and desired outcomes to APSP Board and APSP President.

    Regularly communicate with Board and APSP President to obtain their response to recommendations and follow-up on actions committed to by APSP.

For more information, email Lawrence Caniglia or call 703.838.0083 ext. 180.   

Manufacturers Council 

David Kruse

Biolab - A KIK Custom Products Company
Beloit, WI

Stuart Baker
Vice Chairman
Hayward Industries, Inc.
Elizabeth, NJ

Christopher Golden
Taylor Technologies, Inc.
Sparks, MD

Daniel Jorgensen
S.R. Smith, LLC
Canby, OR

Michelle Kenyon
Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.
Vista, CA

April Nielsen
Lonza Microbial Control
Atlanta, GA

Frank Schiffman
Axiall, LLC
Pittsburgh, PA

Tom Straub
Latham International
Latham, NY

Mike Tacconi
Pentair Aquatic Systems
Moorpark, CA