Legislation & Regulations

APSP Protects Your Interests

APSP constantly monitors legislation and regulation on the issues that affect the industry, but our continued success depends on you. Member input on what enhances or threatens businesses helps us chart an industry course for success. 

Why Should You Care?
The rules and regulations passed on a local and state level impact your ability to work in the industry. Without someone watching your back, laws and regulations could be passed that could threaten the future of the industry.

Weekly Alerts
Members receive monthly e-mail alerts on pool, spa and hot industry legislation impacting their livelihood. You can find pool related alerts in the APSP e-newsletter.

Get Involved

Local Level:
Chapters are vital to member participation at the grassroots level and instrumental in shaping the future of the pool, hot tub, and spa industry. Learn more at APSP.org/Chapters.

Feedback on Proposed Legislation/Regulation: 

For more information and to provide feedback on any particular proposed legislation or regulation, email Jennifer Hatfield.


Join the Conversation

  • Drought Issues Be proactive and connect with your local officials on issues that matter most to you. APSP stands ready to arm you with the facts about pool and spa water consumption. Pool and spa professionals around the country should use the following tools to reach out to your water management districts, and state and local government officials BEFORE drought level restrictions impact your community. Read more.


Support Advocacy

Your support of APSP's advocacy efforts can pay dividends for your business. APSP works with legislators, regulators and local officials to provide feedback on proposed measures while working to ensure our industry isn't subjected to any unfair regulations. Click here to contribute to APSP's advocacy efforts.

What Tariffs Mean to You

Watch our webinar to learn more about how tariffs impact your business as well as our industry.