FAQ: Americans with Disabilities Act


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Frequently Asked Questions:
What You, Your Business and Your Clients Need to
Know in Order to Be Compliant 

  1. What is ADA? 
  2. What sections of ADA apply to swimming pools, wading pools and spas? 
  3. What signifies a property as a Public Accommodation?  
  4. What are the permitted means of access? 
  5. What are the swimming pool specific requirements?  
  6. What are the wading pool specific requirements?  
  7. What are the spa specific requirements and how does the ADA apply to portable spas/hot tubs?  
  8. Do the new requirements apply to both existing and new swimming pools, wading pools and spas (in-ground and portable) that fall under the Title II or III categories?  
  9. What is the compliance date and how exactly will existing pools and spas be affected?
  10. Are there service requirements for ADA equipment?  
  11. Can a single means of access be shared by two or more pools or a pool and a spa? 
  12. Must the means of access be fixed, or can it be removable?
  13. What options are available for a wading pool?
  14. Is a portable lift an acceptable means of compliance?
  15. What does “Readily achievable” mean?
  16. How will these requirements be enforced?
  17. How does the ADA affect existing state and local building codes? 
  18. What financial assistance is available to employers/owners to help them make reasonable accommodations and comply with the ADA?
  19. Where can I learn more about these requirements?
  20. Who do I call to get additional technical assistance on the regulations?

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