The Issue: Licensing

APSP: Beyond codes!

In the absence of uniform requirements for pool, spa, and hot tub professionals, APSP is working to promote pool and spa contractor licensing to raise the professional bar.


  • Few states currently require specific licenses for pool professionals. Their alternatives include: 1) a more general professional license requiring little to no pool training 2) the equivalent of a tax for doing business, or 3) no requirement at all. Additionally, APSP members voice concerns that consumers don’t always recognize the elevated training value in a CBP or CSP certification. Officials who enforce codes, however, recognize the need for qualified education and training to ensure the life safety aspects of pool and spa construction and maintenance.
  • Following the advent of the first-ever International Swimming Pool & Spa Code (ISPSC) and grounded by APSP’s long history of ANSI/APSP standards and education/certification programs (CBP & CSP), the next logical step is the development of licensing.