Pool Certification Classes & Programs

The APSP Career Institute opens the door to the heightened level of skill and professionalism that drives success in the pool, hot tub, and spa industry. Through APSP industry education, spa and pool certification classes and training, you demonstrate a commitment to quality, expertise, safety, and professionalism that gives you and your business the edge. View the APSP Education Calendar to find out more about becoming a certified pool professional.

APSP CBP Certified Building Professional® Program

Promotes the highest level of achievement for experienced pool and spa builders, foremen, and contractors—these pool certification classes are for professionals with at least five years industry experience and 24 hours of continuing education in the past three years.

APSP CSP Certified Service Professional® Program

The industry’s premier professional designation for service professionals, offering advanced-level technical service repair and troubleshooting education for professionals with at least five years of on-the-job experience.

APSP CST Certified Service Technician® Program

These pool certification classes build on existing on-the-job knowledge and technical expertise for professionals with at least one-to-two years of experience in pool and spa service and repair.

APSP CMS Certified Maintenance Specialist® Program

Educates service and maintenance professionals, including new and seasonal employees, a curriculum focused on Safety, Pool Circulation and Filtration, Pool Maintenance, and Water Quality, with details extending to electrical systems, pool structures and finishes, heaters and controls, and customer service.

APSP CHTT Certified Hot Tub Technician® Program

Promotes professional excellence specifically for professionals engaged in portable hot tub service and equipment repair and replacement.

APSP Retail Sales Associate Program

Offers comprehensive education and training for retail employees in entry-level, seasonal, and first-line supervisory positions, covering the essentials of pool, spa and hot tub systems and the development of superior customer service.

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