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CST Certified Service Technician®

The APSP CST Certified Service Technician program does not require that you meet work experience pre-requisites, but, please understand, this course is much more in-depth than the Certified Maintenance Specialist program. You should have at least 1-2 years of experience in pool/spa service and repair to expect to be successful on the certification exam. The course is approximately 3½ days in length and the exam requires the ability to apply your technical knowledge to situations encountered in the field. As such, the CST program demands a level of technical knowledge that only comes with on-the-job experience. You do not need to have completed the CMS certification in order to attend this course and sit for the CST exam, but you will be expected to have acquired the core knowledge covered in that course. The exam for this course is a two-hour, open-book exam with 100 multiple-choice questions.  You must score a 75 or better to pass. 

Target Audience

Experienced pool & spa service and repair technicians looking to focus and complete their skill set. 

Course Objectives

  • Be able to explain common problems with pool finishes and how to repair them.
  • Keep your pools running more efficiently with a better ?understanding of circulation, filtration, hydraulics andelectricity.
  • Grow your practical knowledge and gaintroubleshooting skills and resources.
  • Distinguish yourself as an experienced and knowledgeable service technician.

The CST Program Manual

APSP Service Tech Manual, 4th Edition

The CST Program Workbook

CST Certified Service Technician Workbook

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