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This 3 day course takes you through the APSP Service Tech Manual and gives you what you need to know to conform to industry standards. After completing this course the student will have gained a strong understanding of Safety, Pool Circulation and Filtration, Pool Maintenance, and Water Quality; learned about other important topics such as electrical systems, pool structures and finishes, heaters and controls, and customer service; and earned a name for yourself in the pool industry as a maintenance person in the know.

Registrants for the course receive a copy of the APSP Service Tech Manual and the CMS Workbook. A physical address is required for shipment of materials.


You now have three options for taking your exam:

  1. On a computer at PSI computer testing center near your home. This allows more time to study and to take the exam when its convenient to you.  You will immediately receive your test result and strength and weakness report.  
  2. At an APSP national, regional or chapter-sponsored testing event. You will receive your exam results and strength and weakness report by US Mail approximately 3 weeks after the exam.
  3. Test at a community college or university near you.  Proctored exams must be taken at an accredited college or university.

The exam is the same whether computerized or paper and pencil. To become certified as a CMS, you must complete the CMS course and take the CMS exam.  An additional registration form and $115 fee for the CMS exam is required.  The CMS exam is 1.5 hours long, open book exam with 75 multiple choice questions.  You must score 75% or better to pass (answering at least 56 questions correctly).

If you didn’t pass the exam, don’t worry.  You can retest.  We encourage you to reschedule your exam within a year of your testing date to avoid having to take the course again.

Course Materials:
Many of the courses include the manual and workbook in the course fee.  Please check with APSP University to see if the course you are signing up for includes the materials prior to ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions
Many of the answers to your certification questions can be found in our Certification Policy Handbook.

Upcoming Courses:
We offer a variety of courses to fit your learning style and schedule.

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