Basic Training on How Pools Operate for Non-Technical Employees in Retail, Service and Building

Save Time, Train Your Employees Online

APSP has partnered with Xmente to offer its "Basic Training on How Pools Operate", a web-based, self-directed training course to teach new employees the basics of pool operation, equipment, terminology and beginning water chemistry.

Your employees will learn:

  • How pools operate
  • Terminology
  • Circulation and filtration
  • Water chemistry and water balance
  • Cleaning and types of pools

This innovative course utilizes a multimedia approach that enhances your employee's learning. Well-trained employees provide your customers better service and make fewer mistakes. Your manager won't have to spend time training new employees and can focus on other issues.

Training can begin on day one with no need to wait for a sales rep. Worksheets and test results show your employees strengths and can identify knowledge gaps.

After taking "Basics Training in How Pools Operate" your employees will speak the industry language and know key pieces of equipment and how they function.

"Basic Training on How Pools Operate" includes lessons on circulation, filtration, pool cleaning, types of pools, and two introductory water chemistry lessons on sanitation and water balance.

Each course includes:

  • Three hours of online instruction 
  • CEU accredited hours toward APSP Certification renewal
  • Worksheets for each lessons that familiarize employees with products, brands and offerings
  • Study notes
  • Glossary
  • Final exam

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The complete course is $99 per student with a money back guarantee.

For Additional Information:
More information on the course can be found at along with partners who helped develop the program, blogs and testimonies.