Maintaining Your Certification

All APSP certifications are valid for three (3) years from the end of the month of issuance.  For example, certifications issued on March 2, 2016 will expire March 31, 2019.

In order to maintain your status as an APSP-certified individual and enjoy the associated benefits, prior to your certification’s expiration date, you must submit a completed recertification application along with documentation of 24 hours of continuing education credits (CEUs). All courses that are industry- and/or business-related qualify. To document your CEUs, you will need to keep all certificates that are issued from the course organizer.

A certificate of completion is sufficient, provided that it contains the following information: 

  • course name
  • dates of attendance
  • sponsoring organization
  • hours of training
  • individual’s name

If a certificate is not issued as part of the course, please request that information, in writing, from the course registrar; an email is sufficient.

Please note: all CEU documentation must be submitted with the recertification application. APSP does not keep track of courses attended by certified individuals – it is your responsibility to maintain these records. CEUs submitted outside of the recertification application will be destroyed.

How to Apply for Recertification

Applying for recertification for your APSP designation is simple! Just follow the steps below.

  1. Download and complete the appropriate recertification form below
  2. Provide documentation to show 24 continuing education hours have been acquired*
  3. Submit these items with the recertification fee
  4. Receive a certificate for an additional three years (Note: applications received without all 24 continuing education hours will be considered incomplete and not accepted.)

Recertification Applications

Professional-Level Designations (CBP/CSP)
Pre-Professional Designations (CMS/CST/CHTT)

Failure to Renew or Submit CEUs

A letter will be sent (either via email or mail to the contact information on file for the individual) by September 1 of the year of certification expiration to remind them of their upcoming renewal. It is the individual’s responsibility to keep all contact information current. If you move or change jobs, please notify the APSP University by email at, or by phone at (703) 838-0083.

You are given a 90 day grace period to renew your certification from your expiration date. By March 1, of the year following the certification expiration, a final notice will be sent, stating that if the individual does not submit a completed recertification application, including documentation of CEUs, their certification will be terminated. If you do not submit your documents within the grace period you will need to reapply for certification, submit proof of 24 CEUs/retake a course and sit for the certification exam. For questions or clarification please contact APSP University.