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Interested in making sure your company's voice is heard? Want to make a difference in the hot tub industry? Get involved. Together, APSP members make the pool, spa and hot tub industry stronger. Whether its joining committee, attending a local chapter meeting or volunteering at an event, there are a host of ways to get involved.

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The IHTA under APSP consists of hot tub manufacturers, suppliers and retailers along with associated companies whose products or services relate to the hot tub industry. It is our mission of the to protect and promote the benefits of hot tubs.

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“Lucite enthusiastically supports the IHTA in spirit and participation. At any given moment, the IHTA of APSP is fighting up to 60 legislative battles and driving a global coalition to expand our markets.  Join the movement to protect and grow our industry.”
Chris Robinson
Lucite Acrylic Surfaces