Strategic Leadership Team

The strategic leadership team governs the affairs of the hot water segment including advocacy, research and promotion. For more information, email Rich Gottwald.

2016 IHTA of APSP Strategic Leadership Team:

Kristin Woiteshek
Nordic Hot Tubs
Grand Rapids, MI

Mike Dunn
Watkins Manufacturing Corp/Hot Spring & Caldera Spas
Vista, CA

Kreg Hasse
Leisure Works
Ann Arbor, MI

Don Elkington
Coast Spa Manufacturing, Inc.
Langeley, BC Canada

Bob Lauter
Master Spas Inc.
Fort Wayne, IN

Cindy Magray
Spa Manufacturers, Inc.
Clearwater, FL

Drew Meng
Jacuzzi Hot Tubs/Sundance Spas
Chino, CA

Chris Robinson
Lucite International
Cordova, TN