Data Sheets & Hazmat Consulting

Safety Data Sheets and Hazmat Consulting

APSP offers members low-cost Safety Data Sheets (SDS) on demand and a chemical spill control hotline that keeps your business OSHA-compliant and your employees and customers safe.

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Subscribing to the SDS service through APSP takes the “unsure” out of hazmat management—and gives you and your employees peace of mind and emergency help 24/7, 365 days a year at an impressive 65% savings off the regular cost of this service.

For Builders, Retailers, Service Companies, Manufacturers’ Agents, and Associate Companies:

  • Headquarters location: $109
  • Additional branch location: $49 each

For Manufacturers and Distributors:

  • Headquarters location: $399
  • Additional branch location: $49 each

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Support for Hazard Communication Compliance and Material Safety Data Sheets

OSHA’s Adoption of the UN GHS means new compliance requirements for Pool & Spa Professionals

With OSHA’s recent adoption of the GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling), the requirements for complying with the Hazard Communication Standard have changed, making compliance more important than ever.   APSP knows how difficult it can be keeping track of these changes and requirements.  In partnership with 3E Company, we are proud to offer a variety of resources to assist with EH&S compliance.  To learn more visit the following links: