Why is there a need for WRW?

Increasingly, the world is coming to recognize water as our most priceless and finite resource.

Major corporations that make significant use of large quantities of water, such as hotel chains, are incorporating water usage and energy efficiency into their corporate social responsibility reporting metrics. Concurrently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is seeking lasting sustainable solutions 21st century water resource constraints through the Safe & Sustainable Water Research Program.

Because of its importance to consumers, both large-scale and individual, The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) is addressing sustainability and energy efficiency in the development of standards and energy rater programs. And others, from the United Nations to nearly 20 water-related organizations are working to integrate and promote research into social, environmental, and economic outcomes. None, however, have represented recreational water interests—until now.

While many organizations are interested in the protection and conservation of water, The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals created World of Recreational Water (WRW) Foundation to uniquely focus and apply the knowledge, historical successes, and commitment of the pool, spa and hot tub industry.